Fueling the Aerospace Workforce Pipeline | Is Your Company Benefiting?

 The Rockford Area is a top aerospace cluster in the United States. Our goal is to stay on top. To do this, we must find qualified talent during a national shortage of engineers, scientists and technicians. Forecasts predict more than 30,000 new airplanes will be delivered in the next 20 years; there is a wealth of opportunity for companies like yours!

Get on board to fuel your talent pipeline.

“The JiET‐A program allows us to build our engineering pipeline right here in Rockford. It’s a resource for us to pull local talent, help build their skill sets and have a pipeline to hire from upon graduation. It’s a win‐win situation.”

Kim Seidl | Sr. Recruiter | UTC Aerospace Systems

The Joint Institute of Engineering & Technology for Aerospace (JiET‐A) connects your company with the next generation of talent and allows you to mold their skill set through hands-on internships. JiET‐A is an innovative, community‐based initiative specially designed to significantly increase our own aerospace talent pipeline. It combines higher education with real‐world work experience at leading aerospace companies in the Rockford Area and throughout Northern Illinois. JiET‐A unites regional educational institutions and aerospace companies in a combined effort to enhance students’ experiences and guide them to a successful transition from school to the aerospace workforce.

JiET‐A is driven by the Rockford Area Aerospace Network, representing the regional cluster of more than 200 leading aerospace companies that are forecasting dynamic growth in aerospace employment.

Getting Started

Sign up now and you can start reaping the benefits of the JiET‐A program right away. The process for companies to get started is simple. Once you sign on, we start marketing your company to potential students who are seeking internships. Call now for more information and to sign‐up.

JiET‐A Investment

  • All students pre‐interviewed
  • Volunteer mentors paired with students to ensure success
  • Facilitate match‐making process
  • Ensure JiET‐A company needs are met
  • Promote JiET‐A companies
  • Grow & expand program to further build talent pool of aerospace workforce

Company Investment

  • Time and talent to shape and mold student interns
  • Student intern salary
  • Minimal assistance with underwriting the JiET‐A program (Cost based on number of employees) | Less than 50 —$1/hour per intern | More than 50 —$2/hour per intern

Benefits of JiET‐A

  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Increased community exposure through:
    • JiET‐A website
    • Marketing materials
    • JiET‐A Board of Directors
    • Media awareness
  • Access to local talent pipeline
  • Talent has vested interest in community and career path
  • Partnership with higher education institutions
  • Grow your workforce—grow your company

Partner Colleges & Universities

EmbryRiddle Aeronautical University

Kishwaukee College

Northern Illinois University

Rock Valley College

Rockford University

For More Information

815‐969‐4269 | fuelyourcareer@JiET‐

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