3D Printing | Additive Manufacturing


Poly Jet

Connex500 allows you to produce the most accurate prototype parts that are fully functional in a single material, several digitally blended materials or parts with an overmolding. This provides you the ability to create a prototype part that will more closely resemble your production part than any other 3D printing process.

The Connex500™ is the first 3D printing system that jets multiple model materials simultaneously. It offers the completely unique ability to print parts and assemblies made of multiple model materials, with different mechanical or physical properties, all in a single build. Taking the revolution even further, the Connex500™ can also fabricate Digital Materials™ on the fly, enabling users to create composite materials that have preset combinations of mechanical properties. Learn more about PolyJet materials: Digital, ABS, High-temp, Poypropolyne Like and Rubber Like.

Stereolithography (SLA)

Utilizing the SLA technology, we can rapidly manufacture parts of different geometries at the same time. This technology is designed to produce highly accurate prototypes, patterns or end-use parts of versatile sizes and applications.

The SLA machine uses photo reactive liquid polymer that is cured with a laser to create the prototype from a computer model. Account disabled by server administrator The SLA system builds parts with a smooth surface finish, excellent optical clarity, high accuracy, and thin, straight vertical walls. It’s ideal for a myriad of solid imaging applications, from rapid modeling and prototyping, to injection molding and investment casting. Learn more about SLA materials: Accura 225, Accura Extreme, Accura 48HTR, Accura 50 and Accura 40.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

SLS technology is great for applications that require functional testing. These prototypes are durable, rugged and able to withstand the harshest testing environments.

The SLS process uses a high power laser to melt powder in layers to create durable plastic and rubber-like parts and has the capability of making metal parts.