Business Accelerator

Brian McIntyre (director, Small Business Development Center, Adrian Vasquez, inventor of the NZ3 and Scott Johanek, inventor of the Muto Bags work with the GrowthWheel tool

Acceleration…to increase the speed of…to cause to develop or progress faster

EIGERlab recognizes the need for entrepreneurs and business leaders to have a space and forum to cultivate next level thinking by working on their business versus in their business.

EIGERlab offers a place where owners of existing growth-driven businesses can meet with expert business coaches and credentialed facilitators to accelerate their growth and increase their profits.

EIGERlab brings together a network of skilled professionals to assist with business planning, strategic planning, peer-to-peer learning, investor presentation prep, customer diversification strategies, transition planning and more.

Whether you are just beginning and require our  GrowthWheel® 360° assessment tool, need a customized CTeam focus group that addresses immediate pain points and provides a short-term action plan, or desire a whiteboard business canvas facilitation to expand your markets and customer base, EIGERlab has programming available to ACCELERATE the development and growth of your business.

A solopreneur with an innovative new idea? An early stage business in need or investors and mentors. A business owner with expansion plans? EIGERlab is your regional one stop business resource for business expansion. To learn more or get started, phone 815-753-2192 for a tour or appointment. Click here to view the Accelerator marketing flyer.


EIGERlab’s coaches utilize the GrowthWheel® 360° outcome-oriented intake tool to assist owners and entrepreneurs in any stage of business. GrowthWheel®, a visual toolkit, assists both new and existing entrepreneurs by building their businesses through a simple, 360° action-oriented assessment process that analyzes 20 functional areas of your business and determines which areas require immediate focus. Click here to learn more.

GrowthWheel® — Make Decisions…Take Action…Measure Results.

Center for Product Development | Commercialization

Imagine it…Design it…Build it…Go to market

EIGERlab’s Center for Product Development (C4PD) serves the region with leading edge business and engineering support services. Manufacturing, art, engineering, urban design…you name it, and we can assist. The C4PD helps you achieve global level innovation by turning your ideas to products…overnight. Click here to learn more.

FastPitch Competition

The FastPitch Competition is an annual event that draws participants from throughout the region. Starting in 2006, this competition has attracted entrepreneurs in all phases of business from pre-startup, just an idea on a napkin to companies that have been in business or plan to expand with a new service or product. The idea is to answer six key questions (see below) in three minutes or less—your elevator speech—to a select group of judges who are entrepreneurs themselves or that work with entrepreneurs on a regular basis. In business, “three strikes” is generous. If you can’t pitch your product, service or concept in three minutes—you’re outta there! Click here to learn more.

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