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Award-winning Entrepreneur Unveils Simple Solution to Everyday Household Problem

Monday, December 1st, 2014


Tracie Burress, first place winner of EIGERlab’s 2014 FastPitch Competition, has quickly moved her invention forward since her win mid-June. sockTABs, her American-made product, is an ingenious pairing device for socks, which provides a simple solution to an everyday household problem: the infamous “sock monster!” Tracie’s goal is to revolutionize the way we do laundry and help households save money and time in the process.

“We’re so impressed with what Tracie has accomplished in five, short months since FastPitch,” said Sherry Pritz, the event organizer. “In June, she competed with only her product prototype to share with the judges; no sales, no contracts.”

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Thank you to EIGERlab’s Center for Product Development: “Now I can salute at Girl Scouts!”

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Raegan_Reynolds_two upRaegan_Reynolds_two upRaegan_Reynolds_two upFNot unlike other precocious first graders, Raegan Reynolds has a smile that lights up a room with her mesmerizing blue eyes. What makes Raegan ever so slightly different from her peers is her birth defect—her right hand did not fully develop.

Raegan’s parents, Katie and Scott, have been pursuing all avenues in order to help Raegan with her challenge. “Insurance pays for only one prosthetic over the course of a lifetime, and we agreed that decision should be made by Raegan when she is an adult,” Katie said. After learning how Boylan assisted other children with 3D printed prosthesis, Raegan’s Aunt Beth contacted them to see if they could assist Raegan. Much to the family’s dismay, they learned that Boylan could not. Beth then Googled 3D printing and discovered that it is a service offered locally at the EIGERlab.

After searching for a solution for over two years, Katie and Scott are elated for their daughter, and are already noticing her confidence-level growing. The Highland Elementary School first grader chose her prosthetic to be printed in her school colors. Raegan shared, “Other little kids will think my new hand is awesome!”

EIGERlab’s Assistant Director, Mike Cobert stated, “It is always exciting and challenging to help companies solve problems with their innovative products. However, it is not nearly as rewarding as the smile on Raegan’s face when she put her new additive manufactured [3D printed] hand on for the first time. It is priceless!”

FastPitch Competition winner chosen for INPEX Inventor’s Convention: No Risk, No Reward

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014
Adrian Vasquez and George Foreman at the 2014 INPEX Convention

Adrian Vasquez and George Foreman at the 2014 INPEX Convention

After Adrian Vasquez, inventor of the NZ3 hair product, won second place in the 2013 FastPitch Competition, he set his sights on a higher prize: being accepted to participate in the Invention and New Product Exposition (INPEX)—the world’s largest invention tradeshow. INPEX provides a forum for inventors to exhibit their inventions and pitch their ideas with companies interested in licensing, marketing and manufacturing their new products.

Since he met so many key individuals, including representatives from QVC, SkyMall Magazine, a broker in the beauty industry who is interested in handling his products exclusively, and George Foreman of George Foreman Cooking Products, Adrian shared, “It was worth every mile.”

Another accomplishment resulting from his participation is being chosen as one of 35—from a total of 400 who applied—to move to step two with QVC this September in Las Vegas. “It’s a huge compliment to be included in such an exclusive group. QVC representatives shared many tips and clues to move my business forward, such as the importance of having two applicable product markets. In regard to the NZ3, the obvious market is haircare, but the second, which I had not considered, is the pet market—a $55.7 billion dollar industry in 2013,” Adrian explained.

Adrian, who is both an inventor and owner of Totally You Hair Salon, is thankful to the staff at EIGERlab’s Center for Product Development, his local manufacturer and everyone who assisted him along his entrepreneurial journey. He stated, “As an entrepreneur and inventor, you never stop learning!”

Where can you hear a successful serial entrepreneur share his secrets to success AND view Rockford’s version of Shark Tank?

Sunday, June 1st, 2014
2014 FastPitch Competition

Joe Abraham, the founder of BOSI Global

At this year’s FastPitch Competition, you’ll be able to not only watch competitors share their version of the “Next Big Thing,” but also hear a successful serial entrepreneur share his secrets to success. It’s the region’s version of Shark Tank, but without the bite!

Keynote speaker, Joe Abraham, is a professional entrepreneur and investor who has the battle scars to prove it. Abraham has successfully launched multiple companies and is the founder of BOSI Global which operates a $100 million portfolio of companies in the United States and Europe. These industries range from IT and Wellness to Personal Development and Motorsports. He has won numerous awards for his impact on global entrepreneurship and is the author of Entrepreneurial DNA, a critically acclaimed book based on his multi-year research into entrepreneurs and their teams. Whether you are a FastPitch presenter or an experienced business ownerinterested in learning howto increase your profits through growth strategies, everyone will glean entrepreneurial insights from Abraham’s informative talk.

One of our 2013 FastPitch presenter finalists, Robyn Scott, owner of PURELY CultureCare shared, “Thank you for all of your hard work in organizing the FastPitch Competition. It was a terrific learning experience and a great networking opportunity.”

With a top prize of $5,000 at stake, it will be well-worth three minutes of your time! In addition to second, third and student prizes, this year offers a CleanTech prize totaling $500. By presenting at the 8th annual FastPitch Competition, it’s your chance to validate your business idea…meet people who can help you succeed and maybe win a cash prize. For more information on how to apply, visit; entry deadline is June 4.

Joe Abraham will share his tricks of the trade at 6 p.m. so be sure to arrive by 5 p.m. to visit the FastPitch presenter’s expo and grab a bite to eat. Batter up!

Roundtable Efforts: Collaboration | Communication | Results

Thursday, May 1st, 2014
EIGERlab, IT Roundtable

EIGERlab’s, IT Roundtable

With the objective of assisting individual companies in specific targeted clusters, EIGERlab has been organizing and developing roundtable focus groups intent on identifying and addressing barriers to business growth. EIGERlab Roundtables are monthly discussions with community leaders, business owners and corporate executives in similar business clusters that identify pressing issues and outline collaborative short-term action plans to address them.

The concept behind bringing together groups of owners and leaders in similar types of businesses is to focus on common problems and barriers related to their business growth hindering their ability to grow, to create collaboration and trust, to understand collective resources and collaborate and to expand employee pools through community branding.

IT Roundtable member, Phil Wasson said, “The IT Roundtable has been an excellent opportunity to learn of local Information Technology resources that are available in the Rockford area.  It also allows participants to learn about the varied needs and strategies of companies, non-profits, and government entities from right here in the Rockford region.”

As a result of a recent IT Roundtable Open Tech Challenge event (Hackathon), several apps were created to assist the City of Rockford and will be available to the community soon. These open tech challenges bring volunteer programmers and coders together to create apps that address specific social and governmental problems. The resulting phone apps are owned and utilized by our city, county or appropriate not-for-profits. Christopher Whitaker, civic technologist with Smart Chicago Collaborative and “White House Champion of Change for Civic Hacking” is instrumental in advocating for and spearheading these Hackathons.

521 Rockford, the newest of the roundtables, is comprised of 25 companies targeted at supporting and creating a more robust minority business community. The 521 Initiative (5 Planning Areas; 2 Business Enterprises; 1 mission) is targeted at growing and strengthening the Minority-owned Business Community in the Rockford Region. Excell Lewis, owner of XL Academics, who was instrumental in creating the foundation of 521 shared, It is refreshing to see members of 521 reinvest in Greater Rockford. I am positive that the efforts of this initiative will assist in revitalizing small business ownership by creating sustainable jobs.

TechWorks Manufacturing Roundtable discussions have resulted in the creation of a new training program—FastTrack Assembly—to assist with new workforce needs. Companies such as Leading Edge Hydraulics, Fastenal and GE Aviation meet on a regular basis to discuss topics such as employment and best practices. Russ Dennis, CEO of Leading Edge Hydraulics stated, “As an advisory council we are discussing economic and employment trends, which are beneficial to all involved in the business planning/forecasting process.”

Are you interested in ACCELerating your company’s growth? Increasing your profits? EIGERlab’s expert business coaches and partners will assist!

Friday, February 28th, 2014


Paul Niedermann, owner of Prescient Audio partnered with the EIGERlab’s leaders, and their business development associates, to start his business and commercialize his invention. During his recent press conference, Paul shared that he is ready to ramp up production of his music and smartphone-related products.

Where did he start?
Paul simultaneously met with business coaches from the EIGERlab and the IL Small Business Development Center at RVC. He received business development assistance—necessary for starting and running a business—and product development assistance for perfecting his invention. This included utilizing a portion of EIGERlab’s Center for Product Development services; engineering and additive manufacturing.

How did he acquire funding?
In the beginning, Paul bootstrapped the business including spending his savings, and, of course, contributions from “Family, Friends and Fools.” Winning second place in the 2012 FastPitch Competition assisted with services from the Wisconsin Innovation Service Center. But, during the 2013 FastPitch World Series event, Paul hit a home run when a local investor heard his pitch and decided to provide both financial assistance and guidance. On February 20th, Prescient Audio started its Kickstarter crowdfunding efforts, which will run through March 4th.

What additional ACCELerator services did EIGERlab’s coaches and partners provide?
After both his business and financial plans were started, Paul met with EIGERlab’s CTeam; C standing for commercialization. CTeam’s core group of professionals have owned, managed, bought and/or sold businesses and therefore bring solid expertise to start-up or existing businesses of any size. In addition, EIGERlab’s leaders reach out to the regional business community to seek the appropriate experts to address an entrepreneur’s specific industry-related issues. Paul and his management team received sound advice which refined his business development thought-process and next steps.

Where is Paul’s business today?
Paul and his partners have recently purchased a building in Rockford, and plan to manufacture and assemble their products locally. They had the forethought to buy a sizeable building with room for expansion, including a dedicated R & D space, which will allow Paul to continually work on the “next big thing.”

Announcing 2014 FastPitch Competition date | 2013 Competition Winners’ Updates

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014


First place winner, Chuck Meyers with his StringGator product, stated, “Immediately following the completion of FastPitch, the process was off to a swift start. Melissa Westphal’s Rockford Register Star article sparked interest in the StringGator, which resulted in new local connections and multiple bids on production. That, combined with the EIGERlab’s resources, has shortened the time to production.

Accomplishments include registering with the State of Illinois and securing; web design is yet to be finalized. Trademarking and market research are in progress, and manufacturing of the StringGator—in the Rockford Region—is on target for the second quarter of 2014.”

Second place winner, Adrian Vasquez who invented the NZ3 (hair dryer attachment), stated, “Introducing the NZ3 hair dryer at the America’s Beauty Show last year was a big success. Our NZ3 hair dryers are now selling at: local salons; Miami Beach, Florida; through distribution centers in Chicago; and online. We’ve created a marketing commercial and a product tutorial on YouTube to further increase sales.”

Last, but certainly not least is, Edgar Marin-Ruiz who placed third with his product, the Breeze Welding Helmet. He shared, “The progress we’ve made has been slow, but productive with finalizing the design of the helmet. A third and final prototype will be completed during the first quarter; and production will start soon thereafter. We have completed the steps to incorporate as Breeze Works Inc. Our next goals are to complete of the business plan, obtain funding, build our website; create a logo and market the helmet.”

Regional Information Technology efforts: “Apps & Ale,” “OpenTech Challenge” & IT Roundtable

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014


Through the efforts of the Information Technology (IT) community and the EIGERlab, an IT Roundtable was formed and comprises 12 companies from Illinois and Wisconsin. Currently the members are focused on two areas: 1) creating a vibrant community of IT professionals; and 2) building a pipeline of future IT professionals to ensure the region has the necessary talent to attract new businesses and fill existing open positions. The group recently facilitated two IT-related events: “Apps & Ale” and the “OpenTech Challenge,” which were well attended and the organizers were pleased with the outcomes.

“Apps and Ale” was a joint effort on the part of the EIGERlab’s IT Roundtable, City of Rockford, Illinois Science and Technology Coalition, Smart Chicago Collaborative and Northern Illinois Coders. The goal was to create an open dialogue on civic innovation, open data and the Illinois OpenTech Hackathon. “EIGERlab and the Rockford Area Economic Development Council recognize the great assets Rockford has in the high-tech community,” said Dan Cataldi, executive director of EIGERlab. “We believe the IT Roundtable will create the opportunity to work together with industry experts to attract high-tech talent and business to Rockford.”

Patrick Zuroske with the City of Rockford and judge at the “OpenTech Challenge” event stated, “I was pleased with the level of creative energy assembled during the event. I expected a certain level of energy, but what I saw actually exceeded my expectations.” During the first event of its kind in the region, there were several potentially interesting apps created that may solve  some of the region’s challenges, including: an app that advised of construction sites; one that consolidates local-event calendars; and an app where you could post photos of broken signs, streetlights, etc. to alert the City.

The EIGERlab and IT Roundtable group are working with Christopher Whitaker, civic technologist with Smart Chicago Collaborative, who was instrumental in bringing the aforementioned events to Rockford. Their current goal is to form a Code for America (CFA) Brigade, in the northern Illinois region. CFA, which is “A New Kind of Public Service, aims to improve the relationships between citizens and government…help governments restructure to create low-risk settings for innovation, engage citizens to create better services, and support ongoing competition in the govtech marketplace.”

Batter up: 2013 Stateline FastPitch Competition

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

It’s hard to believe that this year’s event will be the 7th annual Stateline FastPitch Competition! FastPitch will be held on Wednesday, June 19 at NIU-Rockford and is open to the public at 5:30 PM. Over the past six years, we’ve had an average of 48 people compete annually; totaling nearly 300 presenters. With the addition of the two Wisconsin events last year, which we assisted in facilitating, the competitions have attracted over 100 potential entrepreneurs in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin Region. If you’ve never attended a FastPitch event, please consider doing so. It’s somewhat like watching the television show “Shark Tank” only our judges are much nicer! Click here for the entire Voice article.

EIGERlab in expansion mode

Friday, March 1st, 2013

With four new tenants, EIGERlab’s footprint expands again; ranging from business expansion to new start-ups. Overall, the four business owners, presidents and directors agreed on several reasons which led them to house their businesses at EIGERlab (E-L) including: overall pricing structure, which includes a plethora of services and amenities; location; attentive management and support staff; and options for expansion without relocating. Click here for the entire Voice article.