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Prescient Audio Reveals Products | Press Conference, WIFR coverage

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – One Rockford company is making giant strides with its unique technology and today, it wanted to show the Stateline where it’s headed in 2014.

Prescient Audio revealed its line of speakers, subwoofers, and cellphone cases at Eigerlab this morning. The company recently returned from a trip to the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas and has seen a lot of interest from big businesses looking at their products. Employees say as the 9-month-old enterprise gains traction, more job openings may be on the way.

“We really want to do the best work we can because we also want to attract the best of the best not only to a product, but even for employees that will be working for us to do some really great and exciting things in the area,” said Prescient Audio CEO Paul Niedermann.

The company plans to launch production of its speakers February 3 in its new facility.

WIFR interview link.

Rockford’s Own Prescient Audio Returns Home for Exclusive Debut

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Rockford’s Own Prescient Audio Returns Home for Exclusive Debut

The award-winning audio manufacturer announces new product release at EIGERlab event

What:              Press Conference

Where:            EIGERlab, 605 Fulton Ave., Rockford, IL

When:              Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014, 10:00 am

09prescient-span-tmagArticlePrescient Audio, an American consumer and professional audio manufacturer of high-end, radical loudspeaker technology, is returning home to Rockford after being recognized at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. Prescient Audio was recognized as an International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for the ThinDriverTM TD-12, the thinnest, lightest and coolest 12-inch subwoofer available on the market.

                        Although Prescient Audio debuted three new products (Apollo AudiocaseTM, Dual Subwoofer and Subwoofer In-Wall Cabinet) while at the CES Show in Las Vegas, they have saved the unveiling of a fourth product for their return home to Rockford. All four of these products utilize the award-winning ThinDriverTM TD-12 technology.

Prescient Audio will use this opportunity to give a brief presentation describing how they got started, what they’ve already been able to accomplish, and where they see the company going. They will also take some time to thank those that have helped them along the way and will hold a question and answer session open to the media.

The Apollo AudiocaseTM, Dual Subwoofer, Subwoofer In-Wall Cabinet and TD-12 will be on hand at the press conference and available for photo opportunities.

Who:                Prescient Audio (PRESS-ē-ənt) is an American consumer and professional audio manufacturer of high-performance, radical loudspeaker technology.  As its namesake infers, Prescient has elevated loudspeaker technology by anticipating the future needs of industry consumers.  Prescient Audio started with a vision and transformed it into reality allowing music to transform into a personalized ThinTimateTM experience for its consumer.

Prescient Audio is committed to becoming the leader of the resurgence of American loudspeaker manufacturing and production and builds all of its products in America’s heartland of the Midwest and Prescient Audio’s headquarters: Rockford, Illinois

For more information on Prescient Audio, visit

Regional Information Technology efforts: “Apps & Ale,” “OpenTech Challenge” & IT Roundtable

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014


Through the efforts of the Information Technology (IT) community and the EIGERlab, an IT Roundtable was formed and comprises 12 companies from Illinois and Wisconsin. Currently the members are focused on two areas: 1) creating a vibrant community of IT professionals; and 2) building a pipeline of future IT professionals to ensure the region has the necessary talent to attract new businesses and fill existing open positions. The group recently facilitated two IT-related events: “Apps & Ale” and the “OpenTech Challenge,” which were well attended and the organizers were pleased with the outcomes.

“Apps and Ale” was a joint effort on the part of the EIGERlab’s IT Roundtable, City of Rockford, Illinois Science and Technology Coalition, Smart Chicago Collaborative and Northern Illinois Coders. The goal was to create an open dialogue on civic innovation, open data and the Illinois OpenTech Hackathon. “EIGERlab and the Rockford Area Economic Development Council recognize the great assets Rockford has in the high-tech community,” said Dan Cataldi, executive director of EIGERlab. “We believe the IT Roundtable will create the opportunity to work together with industry experts to attract high-tech talent and business to Rockford.”

Patrick Zuroske with the City of Rockford and judge at the “OpenTech Challenge” event stated, “I was pleased with the level of creative energy assembled during the event. I expected a certain level of energy, but what I saw actually exceeded my expectations.” During the first event of its kind in the region, there were several potentially interesting apps created that may solve  some of the region’s challenges, including: an app that advised of construction sites; one that consolidates local-event calendars; and an app where you could post photos of broken signs, streetlights, etc. to alert the City.

The EIGERlab and IT Roundtable group are working with Christopher Whitaker, civic technologist with Smart Chicago Collaborative, who was instrumental in bringing the aforementioned events to Rockford. Their current goal is to form a Code for America (CFA) Brigade, in the northern Illinois region. CFA, which is “A New Kind of Public Service, aims to improve the relationships between citizens and government…help governments restructure to create low-risk settings for innovation, engage citizens to create better services, and support ongoing competition in the govtech marketplace.”

Rockford electronics firm to begin production of subwoofer

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Posted Jan. 13, 2014 @ 4:18 pm

ROCKFORD – Prescient Audio‘s ThinDriver, a thinner, lighter and more powerful subwoofer, finally goes into production in February.

The technology has been a few years in the making. Prescient Audio founder Paul Niederman introduced it locally when the idea took third in the EIGERlab’s 2012 Fast Pitch competition.

Then in January 2013, Niederman showed the ThinDriver off at the International CES in Las Vegas and it impressed enough to win a Design and Engineering Award.

Prescient Audio has been perfecting the manufacturing process and will be moving to a plant at 4904 Colt Road to begin production Feb. 3.

At this year’s CES, which took place last week, Prescient Audio announced three new products using its ThinDriver Techology.

-The Apollo AudioCase is a smartphone case featuring the ThinDriver technology. It was developed in conjunction with Product Development Technologies Inc. of Lake Zurich.

-The Dual Subwoofer uses the smaller speakers to have two speakers in a traditional sized cabinet.

-Subwoofer In-Wall Cabinet, which allows you to use the thinner speakers to put subwoofers between standard wall joists or under furniture for in-home theaters.

Prescient Audio will introduce a fourth new product at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the EIGERlab, 605 Fulton Ave.

-Alex Gary: 815-987-1339;; @alexpgary

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NZ3, Client Product Launch

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Press Conference announcing national product launch for EIGERlab | SBDC client and FastPitch participant Adrian Vasquez

Adrian Vasquez, client of both the EIGERlab and the Small Business Development Center fully utilized all of what the EIGERlab has to offer entrepreneurs regarding business development assistance. In addition, EIGERlab’s Center for Product Development provided him with engineering and design services and finally, six iterations of his exciting new product were created using 3D printing equipment (rapid prototyping). Click here for the entire press release.

Rockford aerospace internship program quadruples in just a few months

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Anyone stating that this area’s a miserable place to live, they obviously haven’t asked a group of college students planning their futures in Rockford. That’s all thanks to just a few months spent in an aerospace internship program.

The Joint Institute of Engineering and Technology Aerospace, or Jiet-A program, helps students getting their education in this area stay in Rockford for a job. It’s changed the life of at least one intern who never thought she’d be working in aerospace. Click here for the entire article.

Growing through strategic actions!

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Business consultants at both EIGERlab and the Small Business Development Center have a new tool to assist entrepreneurs in any stage of business. GrowthWheel (GW), a visual toolkit, assists entrepreneurs by building their businesses through a simple action-oriented process, determining which areas require their immediate focus. GW is outcome oriented: Make Decisions, Take Action. Click here for the entire Voice article.