Existing businesses of any size will find a customized support network in our CTeam. From our roster of highly experienced and skilled professionals, CTeam participants will be brought together to work directly with you and/or your management team to successfully resolve your most difficult issues or develop your latest idea.

The leaders of rapidly growing businesses and high potential start-ups can rely on the Commercialization Specialists at NIU EIGERlab to provide a wide range of expertise and skills to address the specific needs of businesses of all types. If your management team and advisory board is made up of just you, reach out to the CTeam to deepen your bench strength.

The CTeam’s core team of professionals have owned, managed, bought and/or sold businesses, and therefore brings solid expertise to your organization. Once you present your business issues to a CTeam advisor, the advisor will help you prepare a presentation for the team and will reach out to the regional business community to seek subject matter experts to address your specific industry and issues. We are proud to welcome these experts in our community who volunteer their time to advance the businesses of the Rockford Region. Click here to learn more.

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