Learning to Pitch

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“Learning to Pitch”

Final Submission Date: Wednesday June 7th, 2023!!!

Remember, It’s not about the product… It’s about the “Pitch”!

FastPitch Presentation information will be available at the ACE Conference and Expo on May 11th , 2023 at MPOWR Co-Working Center.

As we kick off this years FastPitch Competition, we have introduced the opportunity to UPLOAD a 3-minute pitch video for the selection of this years finalists. Although this doesn’t exclude you from joining us at the finalist event, if chosen. It will allow you to upload your initial pitch from the comfort of your own home. No worries, access to your videos are secure and will only be viewed by our approved EIGERlab judges. 

Once you are ready, take 3 minutes to record your pitch video (via Phone or Tablet or PC), click on the “Events”, and “Fast Pitch Upload”. Fill out the requested information, attached your video, and “Submit”. It’s that easy!  Once the judges have determined the finalist, you will receive a contact via email or phone with an invite to the 2023 EIGERlab FastPitch Competition. Click Here when you are ready to UPLOAD your video!


Six Key Questions for an effective Pitch:

1)  What is your technology, product or service? Briefly describe what you sell and the need it fulfills…what is the problem and what is your solution…how do you eliminate/reduce the “pain”

2)  What is your target market? Briefly state who you are selling this product or service to…how large is the market…what industry is it in.

3)  How do you expect to make money/what is your business model? Describe the sources of revenue and how to you intend to get the product/service to the buyer.

4)  Who is your competition? None is the answer-competition is good thing as it confirms/verifies that a market exists…all products and services have competition.

5)  What is your competitive advantage? What makes you different/unique…Why do you have an advantage over others…How will your company provide this product or service better than the competition?

6)  Who is behind the company? “Bet on the jockey, not on the horse”…Explain how your experiences give you credibility…you, your team, your advisory board, etc.


Key Elements:

-when possible, tell a story
-have a “hook…an early statement that grabs listeners attention
-be passionate, powerful, and energetic
-be goal oriented…end with a specific outcome in mind…a request
-be succinct, concise and clear
-pitch your business model more than your technology…don’t overwhelm with technology or statistics -don’t cram…a little less info is better than speed talking
-revise regularly
-practice, practice, practice…pitch a friend or spouse…record and critique yourself

Please note, use of PowerPoints and electronic devices are not allowed. 

Good Luck and hope to see you there!