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Explore a range of grants designed to empower your business journey at every stage.

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  • EIGERlab Grants are monthly financial awards of $1000 each, intended to support engineering and development services such as design, prototyping, and testing. These services are managed by EIGERlab to aid in the development of innovative projects.

  • Inventors and innovators seeking engineering and development support for their projects are eligible to apply. Preference is given to those who have already engaged with organizations like the Illinois Small Business Development Center, SCORE, or ThinkBig to develop a business plan

  • The grants support a wide range of development services including but not limited to design, prototyping, and testing phases of innovative projects that require engineering expertise.

  • While the specific application process is not detailed here, inventors typically need to submit a proposal outlining their project, its innovative aspects, and how it would benefit from EIGERlab's engineering and development services. It's recommended to highlight any prior work with recognized business planning organizations.

  • Yes, a key prerequisite for better consideration in the grant allocation process is having worked with a business development organization such as the Illinois Small Business Development Center, SCORE, or ThinkBig. This demonstrates a commitment to developing a solid business plan and increases the likelihood of project success.

EIGERlab Grants will be awarded monthly in $1000 increments.  Funds will be used for engineering and other development services including design, prototyping, and testing managed by the EIGERlab.  Preference will be given to Inventors who have already worked with organizations such as the Illinois Small Business Development Center, SCORE or ThinkBig to develop a business plan.

Grant Application

Have you developed a prototype?
Have you filed for a patent?
Have you created a business plan for your product?
Have you done Market Research for your product?
Do you have other investors in your product?

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