CoWorking Space



Our region has long been one where inventors, builders, makers and entrepreneurs have commercialized ideas and flourished. Be it sewing machines, machine tools, fasteners… automotive, aerospace or digital solutions…the lifeblood of our region relies upon innovation and commercialization of ideas.

NIU EIGERlab’s LaunchPad coworking space supports a regional community of like-minded solopreneurs and early-stage innovative businesses by providing a fluid environment to convene, learn, collaborate and commercialize next generation digital and physical product-based businesses. LaunchPad delivers a supportive atmosphere for ideation, implementation and collaboration to accelerate the growth of your enterprise.

Members have discounted access to:

  • Common meeting spaces
  • Semi-private spaces
  • Business coaching
  • Business development tools
  • Innovation programming/Meetups
  • Speakers series
  • Mentors, investors and professional service providers.

Membership options include:

  • Social memberships | $30 per month
  • Full-time open spaces | $150 per month | 24/7 
  • Dedicated semiprivate cubicles | $250 per month | 24/7 

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms will accommodate up to 10, conference spaces that accommodate 50, an auditorium that will accommodate up to 250 and a variety of classroom style training rooms are available. With our pivotally designed furniture, we have the flexibility to set our conference rooms up in a square/rectangle to accommodate meetings requiring interaction or in a classroom style to allow for presentations. To reserve a meeting space, please phone 815.753.2192 or email

LaunchPad! CoWorking Space Pricing

Option 1: $30 | month   LaunchPad Social Membership

  • discounts on events, workshops, and C4PD programming
  • use of NIU EIGERlab for mailing address
  • print & copy services   

Option 2: $150 | month  Full-Time  CoWorking Space

  • 24/7 access to  CoWorking area
  • discounts on events, workshops, and programming
  • private storage included
  • permanent mailing address        

Option 3: $250 | month   Full-Time Dedicated Cubicle Space

  • 24/7 access to  CoWorking spaces
  • dedicated private cubicle space
  • discounts on events, workshops, and programming
  • private storage included
  • permanent mailing address 


Visit us at:

NIU-Rockford, 8500 E. State St., Rockford, IL | 815.753.2192

Center for Product Development (C4PD), 5299 Zenith Parkway, Loves Park, IL | 815.965.3522

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