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815 Innovation Awards Nomination Form

Fill out our simple form to nominate an Innovator! Celebrate excellence across fields from Aerospace to Arts, Healthcare, and more.

Nominee Details:

Nominator Details:

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Impact: Demonstrated contribution to sales growth, customer or patient satisfaction, and initiation of impactful activities.

  • Creativity: Originality or innovative adaptation of existing work, with a problem-solving approach.

  • Buy-In: Achieved endorsement from customers, management, or the community, indicating potential revolutionary organizational change.

Award Categories

  • Aerospace: Recognizing achievements in the design of new aerospace-related products or processes that enhance flight efficiency, safety, or sustainability.

  • Robotics and Automation: Celebrating innovations in creating new systems and tools or implementing automation processes that improve operational efficiency or productivity.

  • New Product Design: Honoring the development of new or improved products that showcase ingenuity and meet market needs effectively.

  • Innovative Technology/Software Solution: Awarding breakthrough solutions in technology/software that solve complex challenges uniquely and effectively.

  • Healthcare: Acknowledging contributions to healthcare innovation that improve patient outcomes, enhance service delivery, or streamlinemedical processes.

  • Education: Recognizing educational product or service advancements that enhance learning and accessibility.

  • Arts and Design: Celebrating creativity in the design of artistic or design-oriented products that enrich cultural experiences.

  • Architecture: Honoring architectural design achievements that contribute to building environments' aesthetic and functional improvement.

  • Jon Lundin Award for Community Organizations: Recognizing significant contributions to community development through innovative design or services that enhance the quality of life.

  • A.C.E. Emerging Small Business Innovator: Awarding an emerging small business that has developed a new or improved product or service, demonstrating significant potential for impact.

  • Young Innovators: Honoring young innovators under 18 for their creative contributions to technology through impactful projects or solutions.

Award Category Selection:

Please select all categories for which you are submitting your nominee:

Nomination Summary:

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