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News conference to announce DMDII Rockford Chapter

News conference to announce DMDII Rockford Chapter

NIU EIGERlab is a centrally located, state-of-the-art innovation hub serving the region with leading edge business and engineering support services. Whether you’re a start-up or existing company interested in growth, NIU EIGERlab is our regions one-stop resource for commercialization and business expansion.


The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute is a unique public-private partnership acting as a world-class, first-of-its-kind manufacturing hub. Based in Chicago, the Institute has the capabilities, innovative spirit and collaborative expertise to transform American manufacturing.

The DMDII Rockford chapter, the first of its kind in the country, operates out of NIU EIGERlab and helps connect small and medium-sized manufacturers in the region to the cutting-edge research and engagement opportunities coming out of DMDII.  Learn more at DMDII’s website.

Stateline Angels

Stateline Angels was founded in 2006. Its members are a group of successful business executives and professionals in the Stateline area of Illinois and Wisconsin. Our members have significant expertise in a variety of industries, businesses, and professions.

Stateline Angels is an Angel investor organization that provides investment capital to start-up and early stage companies. Members who choose to invest may also lend their operational experience to enhance the chance of success to the ventures. We are dedicated to fostering growth in the Wisconsin & Illinois Stateline region by assisting entrepreneurs in the development of successful businesses. Learn more.