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Competition Highlights Local Entrepreneurs

ROCKFORD (WIFR) — Entrepreneurs from all over the Stateline showed off their inventions and products as part of Fastpitch 2014.

The event hosted by Eigerlab highlights local entrepreneurs and gives them exposure to the public.

The competitions drew 36 entrants. That number was higher than last year.

The event is called Fastpitch because each entrant has three minutes to pitch their business or product in order to win a prize.

Eigerlab says the numbers may of people competing may indicate local entrepreneurship is holding steady.

“We have very passionate entrepreneurs,” said Eigerlab’s Sherri Pritz. “They are trying to take that next step.”

This years $5,000 grand prize winners were Tracie and Glendon Burress. They pitched their product sockTabs. They’re plastic tabs that hold our socks together when you’re not using them even while they’re being washed.

Casey Bankord took second place with SlimBooks.

Stacy McCaskill took third place with Fish With Me.

Robert Haney with Soletronix won this year’s CleanTech award.

Erin Hughes won this year’s student award with Adjustable Servers.

To view the FastPitch Competition video coverage, click on the link below.

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