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EIGERlab announces a new networking event for the IT community: Geek Breakfast

EIGERlab is launching a new networking group for IT  professionals in Rockford

Since May 2013, EIGERlab has been developing initiatives to develop an already vibrant information technology (IT) business sector in the Rockford region.  EIGERlab announces a new networking event for the IT community:  Geek Breakfast.  Geek Breakfast began in Nashville, TN.  The Rockford Geek Breakfast is a monthly community-driven meeting for local (and visiting) technology-minded people. Each month attendees congregate, order some breakfast in a social environment and discuss topics like social media, digital marketing, design, programming, apps, open data and ways to better our community.

EIGERlab will host their Geek Breakfast, the fourth Wednesday of every month, 7:30am – 8:30am @ Aunt Mary’s, 4431 E State Street, Rockford, IL, 61108.  The first gathering will be August 27, 2014.  To register, please go to

“Amazing ideas are created when like-minded individuals have the opportunity to relax and brainstorm,” said Dan Cataldi, Executive Director EIGERlab.  “We want to provide as many opportunities for the talented people in our region to drive the development of this business sector.”

The EIGERlab IT initiative has four goals:

  1. Develop and market a brand which establishes the Rockford region as a thriving IT business community to attract more professionals, start-ups and existing businesses to the community.

  2. Establish a strong connected community of IT professionals within the Rockford region in order to:

  3. Ensure employers have a diverse group of IT professionals from which to recruit employees and avoid recruiting employees from other local employers.

  4. Demonstrate to potential recruits from other communities that Rockford is a place where they will find like-minded professionals.

  5. Demonstrate to potential start-ups and existing companies that if deciding between Rockford and another region, Rockford has the professionals with the expertise and experience to build a strong business.

  6. Facilitate resources which assist IT employers in overcoming barriers to growth, which may include:

  7. Aligning the educational requirements of employers with that of the regional educational institutions.

  8. Bringing collective resources of employers together to establish continuing educational opportunities within the region for which their employees would normally have to travel.

  9. Providing outreach to assist with recruiting new professionals into the region as well as stop the flow of local professionals that leave the region for employment opportunities.

  10. Develop a passionate group of civic leaders and technologists focused on better connecting government to citizens through OpenData and technology.

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