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EIGERlab’s July 2014 Newsletter | Prescient Audio speaker sales launch | FastPitch Competition


Paul Niedermann designing his disruptive technology speakers | Photo credit RRS

Prescient Audio Speaker Sales Launch

TD12Pro Loudspeakers | Disruptive speaker technology hand built in Rockford, IL USA!

Space. The final audio frontier.ThinDriver™  Technology Boldly Fits High Quality Audio Performance Where it Has Never Fit Before

Prescient Audio is proud to share that their speakers, the “thinnest, lightest and coolest subwoofer in the universe,” are now available for purchase at

If ultimate mobile audio drives you, let Prescient Audio’s TD12 and TD12 Pro ThinDriver™ subwoofer loudspeakers fill your car with low bass sound without filling your trunk with large, unsightly speaker boxes!  Prescient Audio’s innovative ThinDriver™  technology offers incredible true, accurate bass performance and balanced sound from a design that fits inside most automobile trunks while leaving plenty of room to accommodate the plunder of a shopping trip or luggage for a getaway weekend. The strong box enclosure of the TD12 Pro assures you of the proper bass performance as well as protection of the TD12 subwoofer itself.  The TD12 Pro(pictured above) is perfect for SUVs, pickup trucks or any car with a traditional trunk!


2014 CES Award for Prescient Audio’s ThinDriver™ patent pending technology!

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