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Local Family Unveils SockTABs

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – If throwing socks in the laundry machine seems daunting, a Rockford family is looking to help us with that.

Glen and Tracie Burress have unveiled SockTABs.

They’re clips to keep pairs together while they’re being cleaned. The Burress family says they can also be used as a fashion accessory like cufflinks for socks. SockTABs was the creation that one this year’s Fast Pitch competition, a local entrepreneur


“Wherever you take your socks off, you simply

 tab them together before they go through the mystery of the hamper, the washing machine, or the dryer and that way they will continue to be together, like the happy sock couple they were intended to be,” said co-creator Tracie Burress.

Negotiations are underway to put SockTABs into some major retailers. To find out where you can get SockTABs now or for more information about the product, click on the attached related link.

Click here to view coverage of the event.

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