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Local Inventor Makes National Debut

ROCKFORD (WIFR) — A Rockford man’s invention is making its nationwide debut, thanks to the help of the entrepreneurial incubator EIGERlab.

Adrian Vasquez is a professional hair stylist and local salon owner.

He realized that today’s trendy, sleek blow outs had become too rigorous, and were taking a toll on his hair dressers.

When he researched dryer attachments, he realized that there weren’t many adjustable options on the market, and decided to partner with EIGERlab to come up with a solution: the NZ3.

Vasquez tells us, “Most women can’t hold their hair up for any length of time in this position with a normal hair dryer and nozzle. So actually, when you point the diverter in this fashion, downward, now the individual and the hairdresser can divert the airflow down.”

Vasquez actually took part in EIGERlab’s FastPitch competition earlier this year.

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