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Medical-device, Anestand™, Takes Top FastPitch Prize November’s “Voice”

Medical-device, Anestand™, Takes Top FastPitch Prize

The 11th annual FastPitch Competition was a colossal success with 32 eager presenters–from a total of four states–sharing their ideas, products, services, and apps vying for over $7,500 dollars in prizes and presenting, possibly, the Next Big Thing!

Trevor Gibbs, M.D., took home the $5,000 first prize for his Anestand™ product. Anestand™ holds supplies essential for an anesthesiologist to induce anesthesia in a hygienic way, which keeps the items immediately available at arm’s length. Currently, there is no designated location to place all the items doctors use to put a patient to sleep. The device is versatile as it can attach to the operating room table or any pole, post or hospital bed, allowing the anesthesiologist to work in a variety of situations. Gibbs has been perfecting his product with the assistance of NIU EIGERlab’s Center for Product Development Team.

Jared Larson took second place with his innovative fishing-related tool, the GunkStick, which offers fishermen and women a solution to tackling the problem of keeping their rods and reels free of debris. It is designed to catch and remove cottonwood seeds, weeds, and other debris before it creates a problem. This product is currently sold in Bass Pro Shops and online. Larson was proud to share that all of their processes and products are sourced in the USA. Visit for more information.

Elisabeth Stecki, the third place winner, presented her Travel Sufficient Alcohol Kits or TSA-Kitä. The TSA-Kitä allows air travelers to bring their own alcoholic beverages into airports and onto their flights. The glass bottles packaged in the water resistant, transparent, durable bags meet TSA Homeland Security regulations. Her kits provide significant cost savings and hassle-free air travel for the consumer many times over. Visit for more information.

Entrepreneur and inventor Emarc Malavolti, took home the coveted Dale Falconer Spirit of Entrepreneurship award including a six-month complimentary coworking and counseling at NIU EIGERlab’s LaunchPad! space in Rockford with his product Fresh2Go. Fresh2Go provides convenient oral hygiene in one small re-sealable pouch which is currently sold in a variety of types of businesses throughout Freeport, Ill.

Chad Wilson took home both The Freedom Field’s CleanTech award and the Student award with his Electric Vehicle Technologies (EVT). He presented the Team’s invention by driving an all-electric, street-legal prototype on stage. The EVT team’s goal is to capture a percentage of the ever-growing renewable energy industry market.

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara delivered a thought-provoking keynote speech injected with humor and shared his enthusiasm from being energized by all of the talented, passion-filled presenters at Rockford’s version of “Shark Tank.” The mayor shared the programs his administration is developing to fast-track entrepreneurs with interest in starting local businesses. He concluded with the sentiment that his door is always open for the engaging entrepreneurial conversation.

For the entire list of the FastPitch presenters and their website links, visit

NIU EIGERlab embraces startups. Programming and services are in place at both NIU EIGERlab locations to assist startups and existing businesses—entrepreneurs in all phases. To learn more about the programming and services available, visit or phone 815.753.2192.

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