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NIU EIGERlab, 2018 February Newsletter | Where are they now? 2017 FastPitch Presenters Progress | La

February’s newsletter topics include the following. Click here to read the complete newsletter (PDF).

“Latest Tools for Manufacturing” | February’s Innovation Tuesday Meetup

Progress Post FastPitch Competition: Grand Prize Winner’s Launch

Client Successes | Post 2017 FastPitch Competition Progress!

Have a product idea in either DeKalb, Elgin, Naperville or Schaumburg? We can assist!

Tired of Starbucks? Daily membership offered | GROW your business at NIU EIGERlab’s Coworking Spaces

Retired? Semi-Retired? Consider Giving Back to Your Community by Becoming a SCORE Mentor

Rockford MakerSpace is NOW open

Illinois Small Business Development Center

Thinker Ventures

The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII)

IMEC | Manufacturing Improvement Specialists

Entrepreneurial Events

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