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NIU EIGERlab August 2015 Newsletter

NIU EIGERlab’s new spaces: CoWorking Space, NIU-Rockford Center for Product Development, Zenith Parkway 

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NIU EIGERlab has moved to its two new locations: NIU EIGERlab, CoWorking Space, 8500 E. State St., Rockford, IL 61108 NIU EIGERlab, 5299 Zenith Parkway, Loves Park, IL 61111

NIU EIGERlab’s CoWorking Space The purpose and focus of this space is to promote an energetic ecosystem for solopreneurs and early stage, product-based growth companies. Instead of toiling alone in your garage, basement or Starbucks, join NIU EIGERlab’s CoWorking Program where entrepreneurs can access business coaching, mentors, investor networks, product-based project management, CAD design and 3D printing to accelerate the commercialization of your business ideas-inspiring inventiveness and imagination.


NIU EIGERlab’s Center for Product Development The purpose and focus of this space is to serve the region with leading edge business, engineering and project management support services. Manufacturing, art, engineering, urban design…you name it, we can be of assistance. Our functional additive manufacturing or 3D printing capabilities encompass the technology to first, transform your thoughts into computer models and second, covert those models to physical objects. In addition, we’ll be introducing certification courses for 3D printer technicians this fall.


If you are in search of a space for your business, NIU EIGERlab can assist with two convenient locations. Membership levels include a choice of: common CoWorking space, dedicated cubicles or semiprivate accommodations. All memberships include a discount on business support coaching and business and product development programming. In addition, both locations have conference rooms which can accommodate client meetings. For pricing, please visit our website. We welcome you to visit either location to determine which one may suit your needs.


To learn more about NIU EIGERlab’s CoWorking Space, call Sherry Pritz at 815.316.6357. To learn more about NIU EIGERlab’s Center for Product Development, call Tina Leombruni at 815.965.3522.


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