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NIU EIGERlab March 2016 Newsletter

-Introducing Launch Pad!


NIU EIGERlab’s Launch Pad coworking space supports a regional community of like-minded inventors, designers, hackers, developers, solopreneurs and early-stage innovative businesses by providing a fluid environment to convene, learn, collaborate and commercialize next generation digital and physical product-based businesses. Launch Pad delivers a supportive atmosphere for ideation, implementation and collaboration to accelerate the growth of your enterprise.

-March Meetup | “Circuit Building 101: Intro to Electronics”

-February’s Innovation Tuesday Meetup–informative!

February’s Innovation Tuesday Meetup’s panel on, “What is Intellectual Property,” was very informative. They provided a wealth of knowledge, answered a wide variety of questions and provided feedback on many real-world scenarios including…

Click here to read the panelists’ biosFor the complete

Click here for the complete March 2016 newsletter.

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