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Northwest Business Magazine | “NIU EIGERlab Helps Rockford to Meet the Future”

The next manufacturing revolution is around the corner, and Rockford will be ready for it – if NIU EIGERlab has its way. Discover how Rockford’s business accelerator is connecting with key players and changing its game.

Evolution is a difficult pill to swallow. Businesses must adapt to changing markets and technologies, but openly embracing change presents hazards. Sameness is comfort.

Lucky for Rockford, adaptability is where EIGERlab excels.

Now under the umbrella of Northern Illinois University (NIU), Rockford’s business accelerator is undergoing another shift in its model, this time with an eye on new technology. Since it was acquired by NIU in late 2014, NIU EIGERlab has refocused its mission to create in Rockford a regional hub for innovation.

To hear executive director Dan Cataldi speak of it, refocusing NIU EIGERlab isn’t so dissimilar from growing a business. All businesses must adapt and pivot with changing realities.

“NIU EIGERlab has all of the traditional needs of a growing business, so we need to continually focus on who our customers are and what value we can bring to their enterprises,” says Cataldi.

If all goes according to plan, this “Pivot 3.0,” as Cataldi calls it, could help to position the region as a leader in the next generation of manufacturing.

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