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Prescient Audio Reveals Products | Press Conference, WIFR coverage

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – One Rockford company is making giant strides with its unique technology and today, it wanted to show the Stateline where it’s headed in 2014.

Prescient Audio revealed its line of speakers, subwoofers, and cellphone cases at Eigerlab this morning. The company recently returned from a trip to the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas and has seen a lot of interest from big businesses looking at their products. Employees say as the 9-month-old enterprise gains traction, more job openings may be on the way.

“We really want to do the best work we can because we also want to attract the best of the best not only to a product, but even for employees that will be working for us to do some really great and exciting things in the area,” said Prescient Audio CEO Paul Niedermann.

The company plans to launch production of its speakers February 3 in its new facility.

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