Rockford’s Own Prescient Audio Announces New Product Release

Paul Niedermann, owner of Prescient Audio shares how his new speaker technology works at the January 15, 2014 press conference at EIGERlab.
Paul Niedermann, owner of Prescient Audio shares the disruptive technology of his new speaker at the January 15, 2014 press conference at EIGERlab.

Award‐Winning Audio Manufacturer Unveils Guitar Speaker Cabinet at EIGERlab

Prescient Audio was born out of an idea from audiophile Paul Niedermann, CEO of Prescient Audio. He
didn’t like giving up trunk space for the premium large loudspeaker system included in his vehicle
purchase. But it took more than just a great idea and a prototype to get Prescient Audio where it is today.
Niedermann, COO Karl Schmitt and CFO Brian McMahon are thanking the EIGERlab and the Small
Business Development Center for bringing them together, nurturing an innovative idea and acting as a
catalyst to the company’s success. The momentum started with Prescient winning one of EIGERlab’s
2012 Fast Pitch Competition Awards, an annual event that gives entrepreneurs from across the Stateline
an opportunity to present business ideas for constructive feedback, as well as valuable exposure to
investors and business leaders.

As word spread about the revolutionary technology, Prescient Audio started getting recognition on a
national level. Prescient Audio attended the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Unveiled in New York in
November 2013, where it was recognized as the recipient of a 2014 CES Innovations Design and
Engineering Award, as well as the 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show this month in Las
Vegas. Next week, Prescient will attend the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) to
showcase their newest product, the Guitar Speaker Cabinet, announced today.

“The past few months have been a whirlwind of amazing opportunities for Prescient and we want to thank
all of our partners that have helped to make this happen,” said Niedermann, CEO of Prescient Audio.
“We have five quality products that are turning the loudspeaker industry on its ear and this is only just the
beginning- we can’t wait to show you what else we have up our sleeves.”

So what exactly is all the buzz about? The TD-12 is a high performance, 1000 W loudspeaker that
repositions the components from the traditional location of behind the loudspeaker, forward to the
speaker’s perimeter, minimizing depth without sacrificing performance quality. The TD-12 is the thinnest,
lightest and coolest subwoofer available on the market.

Prescient Audio will be launching production on February 3 in its new facility, located at 4904 Colt Road in
Below are detailed descriptions of each product Prescient Audio has released since the TD-12

Guitar Speaker Cabinet:
The Prescient Audio guitar cabinet will solve two age-old problems for guitarists: Speaker cabinet size
and weight. The thinness and lightness of the TD-12 has enabled Prescient Audio to offer the music
world the smallest and lightest guitar speaker cabinet on the market – a perfect fit for the already
miniaturized state-of-the-art guitar amps, currently offered by major guitar manufacturers.

Apollo AudioCase
In conjunction with Product Development Technologies, Inc. (PDT), Prescient Audio has debuted the
Apollo AudioCase, a speaker equipped smartphone case featuring both TrueVoice™ and ThinDriver™
technology. The Apollo Mini ThinDriver™ will be available in February 2014 for all Samsung 4X users
through Kickstarter, an online platform designed to promote innovative projects around the world.

Dual Subwoofer
Using its ThinDriver™ technology, Prescient Audio has been able to cut the size and weight of the
traditional subwoofer in half. The logical next step? Take the traditional size, but give it twice the sound.
The Dual Subwoofer utilizes a traditional square foot box, but installs a speaker on parallel sides,
producing powerful sound in half the space, a revolutionary development for professional audio.

Subwoofer In-Wall Cabinet
If you appreciate sound quality, the Prescient Audio’s Subwoofer In-Wall Cabinet will be a non-negotiable
addition to your home. Using Prescient’s ThinDriver™ technology, the 12-inch subwoofer can be installed
between standard wall joists within the wall cavity, or even under furniture pieces, without the obtrusive,
bulky cabinet and extra carpentry, all while maintaining the superior quality of sound Prescient Audio has
made a standard.
For more information on Prescient Audio’s new products, please visit
About Prescient Audio
Prescient Audio (PRESS-ē-ənt) is an American consumer and professional audio manufacturer of highperformance,
radical loudspeaker technology. As its namesake infers, Prescient, signifying an
awareness of the future, has elevated loudspeaker technology by anticipating the future needs of industry
consumers. Prescient Audio started with a vision and transformed it into reality, making the thinnest,
coolest, and lightest system packages possible, allowing music to transform into a personalized
ThinTimateTM experience for its consumer.

Prescient Audio is committed to becoming the leader of the resurgence of American loudspeaker
manufacturing and production and builds all of its products in America’s heartland of the Midwest and
Prescient Audio’s headquarters: Rockford, Illinois.

For more information on Prescient Audio, visit
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