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Where can you hear a successful serial entrepreneur share his secrets to success AND view Rockford’s

Joe Abraham, the founder of BOSI Global

At this year’s FastPitch Competition, you’ll be able to not only watch competitors share their version of the “Next Big Thing,” but also hear a successful serial entrepreneur share his secrets to success. It’s the region’s version of Shark Tank, but without the bite!

Keynote speaker, Joe Abraham, is a professional entrepreneur and investor who has the battle scars to prove it. Abraham has successfully launched multiple companies and is the founder of BOSI Global which operates a $100 million portfolio of companies in the United States and Europe. These industries range from IT and Wellness to Personal Development and Motorsports. He has won numerous awards for his impact on global entrepreneurship and is the author of Entrepreneurial DNA, a critically acclaimed book based on his multi-year research into entrepreneurs and their teams. Whether you are a FastPitch presenter or an experienced business ownerinterested in learning howto increase your profits through growth strategies, everyone will glean entrepreneurial insights from Abraham’s informative talk.

One of our 2013 FastPitch presenter finalists, Robyn Scott, owner of PURELY CultureCare shared, “Thank you for all of your hard work in organizing the FastPitch Competition. It was a terrific learning experience and a great networking opportunity.”

With a top prize of $5,000 at stake, it will be well-worth three minutes of your time! In addition to second, third and student prizes, this year offers a CleanTech prize totaling $500. By presenting at the 8th annual FastPitch Competition, it’s your chance to validate your business idea…meet people who can help you succeed and maybe win a cash prize. For more information on how to apply, visit; entry deadline is June 4.

Joe Abraham will share his tricks of the trade at 6 p.m. so be sure to arrive by 5 p.m. to visit the FastPitch presenter’s expo and grab a bite to eat. Batter up!

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