Innovation begins at the EIGERlab

EIGERlab is northern Illinois’ comprehensive resource where both new and existing entrepreneurs and inventors collaborate with pioneering leaders to incubate and accelerate businesses. EIGERlab ties together Innovation-Collaboration-Entrepreneurship into a centrally located, state of the art mixed-use incubator, serving the region with leading edge business and engineering support services.

The facility and programs assist in the development of a robust and diverse entrepreneurial culture through the collaboration of education, business and government.

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EIGERlab is our regions
one-stop resource for business support and growth.


EIGERlab has programming to accelerate the development and growth of your business.


EIGERlab serves the region with leading edge business and engineering support services.


Workshops, speaker series and seminars to help grow startups and increase profits with existing businesses.


10k followers also avoid use of Instagram

10k followers on Instagram also avoid use of this network. They that for what need the Instagram? First, buy 10000 instagram followers and many of them don't like to be photographed and post the photos in the Internet. Introverts, transcendental object. Secondly, everything, even the photo, from the point of view of the person with a sound vector, has to make sense. Sound photos always with implication, the hidden message. The majority of shots of the Instagram are deprived of sense at all. And still for what the Instagram is necessary? Rate of our life is too prompt. A skin era dictates the rules: it is necessary to be mobile Instagram iphone, it is necessary to be aware always of the latest news, it is necessary to keep up to date! There is no time to be exchanged for long texts, there is no time to be exchanged for curtseys and searches of meanings. New gadgets and new inventions are created by people with a skin vector just "to be in time" and run further on new fulfillments and gains. Sometimes you look through pages of these or those social networks and you wonder: how many frames per second people shoot worldwide? It earlier process of photography was as a holiday. You will brush the hair, you will put on the best, you wait until the photographer develops a film, unpacks a photo, and then some years you admire pictures. Photos pasted in albums, framed, hung up on walls. Now I doubt that many have real followers Instagram and really cool photo albums. | |