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Rockford’s Own Prescient Audio Returns Home for Exclusive Debut

Rockford’s Own Prescient Audio Returns Home for Exclusive Debut

The award-winning audio manufacturer announces new product release at EIGERlab event

What:              Press Conference

Where:            EIGERlab, 605 Fulton Ave., Rockford, IL

When:              Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014, 10:00 am

Prescient Audio, an American consumer and professional audio manufacturer of high-end, radical loudspeaker technology, is returning home to Rockford after being recognized at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. Prescient Audio was recognized as an International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for the ThinDriverTM TD-12, the thinnest, lightest and coolest 12-inch subwoofer available on the market.

Although Prescient Audio debuted three new products (Apollo AudiocaseTM, Dual Subwoofer and Subwoofer In-Wall Cabinet) while at the CES Show in Las Vegas, they have saved the unveiling of a fourth product for their return home to Rockford. All four of these products utilize the award-winning ThinDriverTM TD-12 technology.

Prescient Audio will use this opportunity to give a brief presentation describing how they got started, what they’ve already been able to accomplish, and where they see the company going. They will also take some time to thank those that have helped them along the way and will hold a question and answer session open to the media.

The Apollo AudiocaseTM, Dual Subwoofer, Subwoofer In-Wall Cabinet and TD-12 will be on hand at the press conference and available for photo opportunities.

Who:                Prescient Audio (PRESS-ē-ənt) is an American consumer and professional audio manufacturer of high-performance, radical loudspeaker technology.  As its namesake infers, Prescient has elevated loudspeaker technology by anticipating the future needs of industry consumers.  Prescient Audio started with a vision and transformed it into reality allowing music to transform into a personalized ThinTimateTM experience for its consumer.

Prescient Audio is committed to becoming the leader of the resurgence of American loudspeaker manufacturing and production and builds all of its products in America’s heartland of the Midwest and Prescient Audio’s headquarters: Rockford, Illinois

For more information on Prescient Audio, visit

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